Jonathan Club is a private social club with a rich history. Founded in 1895, the Club's diverse member base enjoys fine dining, athletics and wellness facilities, spa services, social events and award shows. For over a century, Jonathan Club has long reflected the warm and inviting character of southern California, making it an exceptional place its members could truly call a home away from home. With two locations — one in downtown Los Angeles and one on the Santa Monica beach — Jonathan Club offers its members the very best of southern California, and so much more.

passion for the extraordinary

Set aside the history and elegance. Set aside the fine dining and accommodations. Set aside the modern spa and fitness amenities. What is left? A nexus of Jonathan Club membership—where bonds of camaraderie and community are forged while having the time of your life. At Jonathan Club events, members dress up, dress down, or dress to play at a variety of special occasions catered just for them. At their disposal the Club provides a range of opportunities to participate, learn, volunteer, and spend time with loved ones.

Passion for Quality

For a night out on the town, family fun and dining, a formal business meeting or just an everyday casual bite, Jonathan Club offers its members and their guests a variety of menus and settings to suit the occasion. Dining choices are inspired by the locally grown and sourced ingredients prepared for the most discerning palate.

Our commitment to ingredients and sustainable food reflects in our operations with a rooftop urban garden in our very own backyard and the many partnerships with California growers. Our comprehensive wine list offers an array of selections to complement the lush flavors of California cuisine. Jonathan Club’s impeccable menus, service and staff elevate the singular dining experience.


Our vital and award winning Jonathan Club wine program is in a constant state of evolution and expansion as our sommeliers seek out new and exciting ways for members to share in the pleasures of wine. Jonathan Club features more than 20 wine focused dinners, seminars, and events annually, and maintains over 1,000 wine selections at the Town Club and over 200 at the Beach Club. Our beverage team is always delighted to help find the perfect wine for you and your guests.


Jonathan Club’s cocktail program is rooted in the celebratory, pre-prohibition era heritage of the club itself. Drawing inspiration from classic cocktail recipes that have fueled the fun at JC for over 120 years, our mixologist takes tradition one step further. Incorporating fresh seasonal herbs and produce from our Urban Garden, house-made syrups and infusions, and the finest small-batch spirits, bitters, and liqueurs, each complex and balanced Jonathan Club cocktail is a story in a glass.


Spirits & Beers

Jonathan Club's back bar is home to over 450 ultra-premium liquor brands including hundreds of rare, small-production, artisan spirits and liqueurs. Appreciation of fine spirits is furthered in our fascinating and fun “Barkeeper’s Intensive” seminar series. Jonathan Club’s diverse and eclectic spirits program focuses on quality, intensity, and style, often featuring spirits from small, local distilleries. Local craft beers, sours, ciders, and ales also share the spotlight, especially in our dining rooms, where their natural affinity with food is highlighted.     


Luxury at its finest

Jonathan Club offers for its members and their guests the finest hospitality suites designed for business and leisure right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Luxurious accommodations that feature gossamer Italian linens, down Turkish towels, and signature bath amenities allow for first-class relaxation. Stay at a Jonathan Club Suite and take advantage of the opportunity to de-stress in the state-of-the-art spa or gym.

A Pinnacle of Wellness

Jonathan Club recognizes the importance of the holistic approach: fitness, nutrition, athletics and rejuvenation. A range of programs create the ideal environment for its members to practice yoga, satisfy curiosity about Pilates Reformer, and just feel the burn with innovative group exercise classes and personal training sessions. Year-round sports activities—aquatics, basketball, paddle tennis, squash and volleyball—give the healthy competitive spirit room to play. A number of indulgent spa services makes for the perfect “excuse” to pamper oneself, and one-on-one nutrition guidance completes the package. Jonathan Club’s newly renovated spa, fitness and athletic facilities, customized focus on healthy eating and the provision of individual guidance and support make yesterday’s resolution today’s reality.